Lip Butter: $3

Blood Orange
Candied Apple
Coconut Lime
Ginger Fizz
Green Tea & Mint
Rose Sorbet
Strawberry Fields

Oregon Distillers Truffle Collection: 9 European-style truffles with an elevated spirit concentration. Contains liqueurs from eight of Oregon's finest distilleries. 5% alcohol per package. FOR AGES 21 AND OVER!


Feeling Smitten

Classic Chocolate Bars: 31% Cacao milk chocolate and 68% Cacao dark chocolate. Too delicious to share!


Perfume: $28

Honey Coconut
Paper Flower
Pomme Poivre
​Sugar Grapefruit

Fuco Perfect Food Bar: $3

Fuco Perfect Food Case: $30

Chocolate Raspberry

Red Raspberry

Apple Cinnamon

Summer Berry

Peanut Butter Crunch

Chocolate with Macadamia Nuts

Alkalizer & Detoxifier: $37

Energizer: $37

Love & Toast

Massage, Skin Care & Boutique

Roller Perfume: $12

Candied Citron
Clementine Crush
​Dew Blossom
Honey Nectar
Juniper Gin
​Persimmon Plum

"Handcreme" Hand cream: $9​

Gin Blossom
Honey Coconut
Mandarin Tea
Paper Flower
Pomme Poivre
​Sugar Grapefruit

Skin Repair Balm: $16.95

Coconut Water & Milk
Pink Grapefruit Patchouli
Lemon Vanilla
Lavender Chamomile
​Habersham Sage

Foot Solution: $12.95

Chocolate Sea Salt Caramel Pecan Cluster: sea salt caramel  mixed with crunchy roasted pecans, covered in milk or dark chocolate and hand-decorated.



Mini-Perfume: $10

Honey Coconut

Moonstruck Chocolates

Feeling Smitten Soap Bar: $8.50

Apple Pie


Lip Glaze: $7

Addicted to Love
Bad Habit
Crush Rush
Doll House
Prep School

Sugar Scrub: $15.50

Strawberry Mint

Sugar Brulee

Pairs great with matching bath wash!

Garden of Life

Mason Jar: $12

BPA-Free! Easy to wash! No odor!

Dr. Formulated Probiotics

Fitbiotic: $39

Organic Kids+: $19

Tumblers: Whole hand-caramelized hazelnuts and signature house-made sea salt caramels are cooked traditionally in copper kettles and folded into delicious milk chocolate. Whole dried Northwest blueberries are hand-tossed with dark chocolate.


"Decadent Goods for Mindful Souls"

Bath Wash: $14

Strawberry Mint

Sugar Brulee

Signature Shell Candles: $6

Starfish Candles: $9.50

Wax Pottery Candle: $23

Craft Brewer's Collection: 12 truffles enriched with four Oregon craft brews: Wheat, Brown, Porter, and IPA. Perfect for any beer lover!


Vitamin Code Multivitamins: $37

Men & Women
Men & Women 50+

Pink Grapefruit Bath Bomb: $5.50

Happiness Kit: $14

Raw Protein: $38

Individual Packet: $2.50

Raw Fit: $40

Individual Packet: $5

Marley Coffee

Man Candles: $7.95

Bark Chocolate Bars: Dark chocolate featuring a variety of inclusions.

Candied Orange & Hibiscus Sugar
Strawberries & Basil Sugar
Raspberries & Fennel Sugar
Praline Pecans & Candied Ginger


OceanVibes Spa

Shower Gel: $10

Honey Coconut
Sugar Grapefruit